Before coming to see Dr. Magar, Sophia was having 1-2 seizures a day, but now she is only having 1-2 seizures a week.

Sophia R.’s Mother

I came to see Dr. Magar for hip and low back pain. Before coming in I always ha to use a cane everywhere I went, but now I rarely need it. I would highly recommend Dr. Magar to anyone.

Jim M

Great Staff and Dr. Magar is a great doctor. He is always giving me suggestions to help speed up my recovery.

Bob D

Friendly competent staff keeps my spine "tuned up" monthly.

Barney D

Love me some Dr. Jimmy Magar! I travel from TN to see him. He knows how to fix all that ails you.

Connie C

Love Dr. Magar! Seriously the best and so patient, got myself adjusted and my 1 month old and it worked wonders!

Lauren L